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Item Code: 85226C14908
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  • Descriptions
    • Item Code: 85226C14908

      - covers most of the cookware (16-32cm) at home ranging from corning ware , visions , tanyo , any pots which has flat opening. 

      - with one cover you can cover everything at home . 
      -saves gas / time when food gets cook easily. 
      - food taste better.  
  • Product Care
    • Stainless steel with tempered glass smart lid. 

      Fits most of the  cookware, pots in the market which is 16cm-24cm . 
      Smart lid is not just normal cover , no over spill  when cooking soup or porridge, cooks your  fish / meat  in minutes. 
      Save time and gas , as food gets cooks easily.
      - set to auto mode for most type of cooking , this will trap the steam when appropriate allowing food to baste itself. 
      - in auto mode if the contents reach boiling temperature , the lid valve will automatically open to release steam and prevent a spillover. 
      - if you prefer to baste for a long period of time , simply slide the red button to the "close " position. This will stop the automatic valve from opening. 
      - the glass is tempered for safety. You can also monitor your cooking thru the glass lid. 
      - For Rice and Pasta boiling , set to "auto" as startchy items will cause quick boil overs. 
S$ 49.00