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Green Cast® by Madreperla
Green Cast® 100% Recycled Cast Acrylic Sheets

S$ 990.00 -New-
  • 100% Recyclable & Recycled Cast Acrylic Sheets
    • Choose sustainability.
      Choose quality.
      Choose Green Cast.

      When you want to create beautiful products in a more sustainable way, Green Cast® by Madreperla is the superior choice. Every cast acrylic sheet is crafted with 100% recycled raw materials according to the European Standard (ISO 7823-1). Specialized in creating custom products designed specifically to fit the needs of your project.

      Green Cast® characteristics:

      • 11 surfaces and 160 colors

      • 8-10 times higher resistance than glass

      • High resistance to external agents and UV rays

      • Transparent products offer higher light transmission levels than glass

      • Yellowing and haze (turbidity) index extremely low

      • Resistant to chemical aggression by saturated hydrocarbons, acids and diluted alkali,
        mineral oils and oils and greases of natural and vegetable origin

      • Excellent workability—thermoforming, bending, gluing, milling—higher than extruded acrylic sheets


      Premium quality, branded cast acrylic this recycled acrylic sheet looks, performs, fabricates and is as durable as conventional acrylic sheets. It is available in a full range of clears, opals and colours as well as the speciality grades. Sustainable design is good for people, good for the planet, and good for business.

      Environmentally Friendly 

      100% Recyclable & Recycled

      Screen Printable

      UV Digitally Printable



      For more sizes / colour / customised order please kindy email to SANSENCO@SINGNET.COM.SG

      Price for reference only

S$ 990.00
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